Phone Huawei Mate X know finally for sale, and in a matter of minutes

Huawei Mate X -

The company announced the Huawei phone its smart folding Huawei Mate X in the month of March, but we had to wait until October to reach the stage of offering it for sale. On the 23rd day of the month of last October, had this phone before for pre-order in China, and today was presented the first batch of this phone for sale.

Well, it seems that Huawei failed to anticipate the amount of demand on her smart phone foldable first, because all units run out in a matter of minutes. The positive thing is that it will show the second batch of this phone rollaway for sale on the day 22 November. In the case if you just happen to be in China right now and want to buy this phone, so be aware that it will cost you the equivalent of 2400 USD.

Generally, in case if you want to find out more details about the phone Huawei Mate X, we suggest you take a look at this article detailed here.

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