Phone Huawei Mate X will be released for the month of September next, and in the name of the company confirms that

Huawei Mate X -

In the month of February, the company announced the Huawei phone its smart folding Huawei Mate X. was initially scheduled to arrive this phone to market by the end of this month, but the trade embargo imposed on Huawei spoil the plans of the latter. And new reports from CNBC and the Wall Street Journal the U.S. it’s estimated that up phone Huawei Mate X foldable travel in the month of September.

According to the official spokesperson of the company’s name, Huawei will be launching the phone Huawei Mate X at the global level with a focus on markets in which the launch of the 5G already. Moreover, for problems that fell into the Galaxy Fold of Samsung, said a spokesman for the company Huawei to phone Huawei Mate X will Tests the capacitor to make sure it’s really ready to be launched on a large scale. The company Huawei also with telecommunications companies and application developers to make sure that the phone will provide great experience to users since the first day.

Explained spokesman for the company Huawei also that the ban imposed by the U.S. government on Chinese company will not affect the ability of the phone Huawei Mate X on the operating system Android and Google apps. And just yesterday, the body 3C of the Chinese validation on phone Huawei Mate X, which means that Chinese users will be one of the first to get on the phone. It will be the phone Huawei Mate X available in Blue, will add up to 2600 USD.


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