Phone Huawei P30 Pro receives new update brings with it several improvements and new additions

Huawei P30 Pro

May be the future of phones Huawei when it comes to updates is uncertain because of the measures the U.S. administration, led by Donald Trump in a war of its continuous business with China, but the company is still issuing small improvements to the identity of their smartphone, especially high-end ones.

An example of this is the phone Huawei P30 Pro, this phone I got now on the new update carries a brown number EMUI As it turns out, this new update brings with it the property of DC Dimming, which is becoming important in the world of smart phones. What are you doing to this property is that they are working on dimming the OLED screen by regulating the voltage, not using the modified pulse width. This should help reduce eye strain at night.

Moreover, this new update also says improving the speed of response of the Bluetooth which allows users to get high-quality sound and synchronize audio and video without delay. Apart from Bluetooth, this update also improved the sound quality so that the colors are now more natural and original. In addition, it has become there are now also the option to record the face of the second property to open the phone via the face, has also been improved authentication process using the sensor of the fingerprint so that you need to re-register your numbers to experience improved.

Will display notifications on the lock screen with live wallpaper, it has been fix many problems, including the supply is not natural for videos taken using the front camera, the colors of the screen are not natural in certain scenarios, as well as not its screen automatically sometimes. And, of course, was to improve the performance and stability of the system also.

Expect this update to phone for Huawei P30 your Pro in the coming days or weeks, because it usually Huawei and other other manufacturers for Android phones launched new updates in stages, not all at once.


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