Phone iPhone SE 2020 helped Apple revive sales of the iPhone in China during the month of April

Apple iPhone SE (2020)

According to the latest market research, the availability of Apple’s cooperation in China after the onset of the pandemic COVID-19. The company managed to sell about 3.8 million units in the month of April note that about 24 percent of those sales went to the phone iPhone SE 2020 new.

Increased sales for the month of April increased by 160 percent compared to march of this year, but still lower by 60 percent compared with the month of April of the year 2019. This increase in sales is not surprising because the state is softened by the action and because the market as a whole is showing signs of recovery. Increased overall sales of smart phones increased by 94 percent compared to March sales reached a total of 40.8 million units.

It is interesting to note that some of the retail stores benefit from the closure. For example, the store sold Tmall Chinese phones iPhone more by about 40 percent last April compared with the month of April of the year 2019, the identity of the iPhone is more by about 33 percent compared with last March.

Using the services of Apple in growth also, it has been spent 1.53 billion USD on the Apple Music and Apple’s iCloud by millions of iPhone in the month of April, representing an increase of 7 percent compared with the month of March. According to analysts at CINNO, it has been the launch of the iPhone SE 2020 in mid-April, but he managed to stand behind the 24 percent of the total sales of the iPhone in that month.

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