Phone iPhone XR undergo a thorough dismantling by the iFixit team


Given that the phone iPhone the XR already arrived shelves of Apple stores, it is no surprise to hear now that he has undergone to you by the iFixit team, specialized in the dismantling of the devices to see the components of internal assessment of how easily repaired. There is a video showing the dismantling process in full as well as full step by step guide on source link below.

But it is likely to be here to see how easily repaired in case of damage to the screen or dead battery after a period of use. Well, the good news is that Apple continues to make the Repair screen, battery, and priorities, just like the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, it is possible to remove the front panel of the phone iPhone XR without the need to unplug the unit Face ID.

Refers to the iFixit team also noted that the buffer rule complicates the process of disassembly of the whole, but it seems that it works very well, so the possibility of damage to the phone iPhone the XR because of the money slim. The use of bolts is not familiar is something else to complicate the task of reform, but the biggest problem in the phone is the design fragile glass. Having said that, I gave the iFixit team ratings 6 out of 10 phone iPhone XR note that this is the same ratings that got the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


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  2. Well this post certainly made me think! Thank You-I hadn’t considered things from that angle otherwise

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