Phone iQOO killer appears in real life, and will not be collapsible


The company Vivo two weeks ago to disclose its brand new sub-iQOO which has a suspense for their first smartphone. We assumed at the outset that the first handset coming from this brand phone will be a present for lovers of games, it has only been leaked photo later hinted to be the first phone from the brand iQOO will be a smart phone foldable.

During the live broadcast of the NBA All-Star Game, Revealed the introduction of television programs in China for a smartphone, but it was a smart phone with the appearance of the plain that features three cameras at the back and the logo iQOO in the bottom left corner.

Given how carried out by Huawei and Honor to design some of its smart phones and place the logo in a horizontal position to read it correctly when you are carrying the phone in a horizontal position, we assume either that the concentration of iQOO in her new phone to experience a camera or her smart phone the next will be targeted mainly at gaming enthusiasts, though it lacks that design, which offer some of phones Games competition.

You do not company Vivo by launching smart phone designed basically to pick up the sound, and at the same time they don’t launch a smartphone aimed at the lovers of games of before. Thus, there’s a chance to be one of the assumptions of the previous is true, although there’s a possibility that the company iQOO launch Phone average geared players to compete with the likes of Honor Play and Xiaomi Play. Possibility. second and last, is to adopt a phone iQOO next screen design retractable style phones Honor Magic 2 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3.

While we we don’t have some on any physical specifications, we at least know how to pronounce the words iQOO, thanks to the introduction of the programmes.


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