Phone Lenovo Z5 free of the screen frame will be released at today 5 June


Information related to mobile, Lenovo Z5 free completely from the screen frame and the use of company Lenovo is still flowing into the social network of Chinese Weibo. First, the company was Lenovo anticipation constantly for some specifications and features that will come out of this phone, and now we have the date of the official announcement of this device.

According to Lenovo, it will be a formal unveiling on phone Lenovo Z5 on the fifth day of June next, as stressed by the Deputy Chairman of the company Lenovo, the former Chief Executive to buy a ZUK, Mr. Chang Cheng that happened to the official announcement of the phone, Lenovo Z5 will be held in Beijing, China.

In a separate publication said Mr. Chang Cheng that the phone Lenovo Z5 will come out series phones ZUK which included ZUK Z1 and ZUK Z2 Pro and ZUK Z2 and ZUK Edge. Moreover, it was explained the same CEO in the same publication that the support provided by teachers throughout the 24 hours all days of the week is the main reason behind the arrival of phone for Lenovo Z5 now.


Although it is not confirmed specifications yet, it has hinted the AD headline previous to that the phone Lenovo Z5 will feature a battery can withstand for about 45 days in standby mode. Moreover, it was Mr. Chang Cheng has explained that the phone Lenovo Z5 will come with four new technologies entirely, with 18 patent protected, some of which may be relevant to the user interface.



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