Phone Lenovo Z5 Pro.. bigger screen ratio for

هاتف Lenovo Z5 Pro.. أكبر شاشة نسبة للحجم

At the time, with its phones a slider, such as Mi Mix وHonor Magic 2, launched Lenovo phone its new Z5 Pro, which possesses the same water, but in addition to the size of the screen is perfect and the value of financial suited to this potential.

Lenovo Z5 Pro

After a long wait, the police came to the Chinese giant competent World phones, computers, Lenovo, to be finally on her cell phone new, Lenovo Z5 Pro, which will be held by the handler Snapdagon 710, instead of the Snapdragon 845, draw the new phone even more eye catching and, with the company unveiled hide the bumps and cracks on the screen, to the size of about 6.39 inch accurately FHD.

Indicated for Lenovo to screen space probably cover 95% of the front panel, and not be ashamed of the company noted that the screen think of the innovation of Samsung, so I didn’t add Lenovo to phone them multiple options in terms of memory, where up to 6GB, with only two options for the 64GB and 128GB, Note that the phone newly issued does not contain the port to expand the memory via microSD card.

Camera and security

The phone needs to talk to 4 different cameras, where there are two in the front, which is special in a selfie, strictly 8MP و16MP, featuring a camera background accurately 16MP and 24MP, with the situation in mind that the cameras attached sensor advanced, to the food and to distinguish them.

As for the safety features of clear cell Lenovo are characterized by the quality of the Z5 Pro, it includes a fingerprint reader below the screen, which is one of the basic features of this phone that works across the system Android Oreo, and by battery has a capacity of about 3350mAh.

At the time of the request on the phone to talk, maybe before it was presented to the fans by about 10 days to complete, revealed Lenovo about the financial value of your بـZ5 Pro, where as the price of the fabric containing the storage option of 64GB, to $ 287 as for the other version which includes the option to store the old 128GB, raising its value slightly to $ 330, with the situation in mind that the only color provided by Lenovo now for to prevent her talking, Black is a color.

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