Phone Lenovo Z5 Pro with screen draggable will be released next Monday

Lenovo Z5 Pro --

Was in last month’s leaking of a video clip review us new smartphone from the Lenovo the screen covers almost 100 percent of the interface the device supports Lenovo Z5 Pro. Apparently, this device really exists because the vice-president of Lenovo, Mr. Liu Jun introduced this phone in his hand during a press conference held in the capital of China, Beijing. Mr. Chang Cheng, who is also vice chairman of the company Lenovo has resorted to the social network of Chinese Weibo to tell us that this phone will be released officially in China’s National Day, which means on October 1.

Phone Lenovo Z5 Pro might be the phone for Lenovo Z5 that you would like, after the failure of the latter in providing a screen frame skinny. However, Mr. Liu Jun didn’t drag the screen downwards to view cameras, which accept under the screen directly in front of the media, but we have already seen how this mechanism works pop-up in the video that has been leaked in the past month.

Lenovo Z5 Pro
Lenovo Z5 Pro --
Lenovo Z5 Pro -

Generally, we’ll know more about phone Lenovo Z5 Pro New next Monday, corresponding to October 1 when it will be official unveiling of the phone by the company Lenovo.



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