Phone Lenovo Z6 Pro fails to impress DxOMark, and result modest

Lenovo Z6 Pro

The company announced the Lenovo phone Lenovo Z6 Pro after the promotional campaign is huge, a campaign that focused in large part on the camera different situations that come out. In the end, the team got DxOMark specialized in Test smartphone cameras on the flagship phone latest buy Lenovo said the review of the camera, but the results were somewhat disappointing for such a device, he has scored 95 points overall, he notched 103 points in Test taking pictures, and about 79 points in the test filming of the video.

For details of the outcome, it is clear that the skills of the phone Lenovo Z6 Pro in recording videos still need a lot of improvements, especially in the aspect of the installed image. The stability of the camera in the phone Lenovo Z6 Pro was so bad, even with the presence of four cameras. Unfortunately, image stabilization technology OIS is only available in the camera that reported the accuracy of 2 megapixels, and it is clear they are still not able to boycott competitors.

Camera performance telephoto was worse, they got 43 points just. The dynamic range was terrible. said the team DxOMark, whether in photos or videos and treatment process of processing a lot of color artificial.

Overall score of 95 points is not terrible in itself, but with the presence of a large number of smart phones that have been tested by the team DxOMark, there are still phone Lenovo Z6 Pro makes it a little better than the iPhone 8 Plus, but it is not better than the OnePlus 6 with the knowledge that it was announced both phones for more than 12 months.


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