Phone LG G7 will come with a screen 6.1-inch high resolution very

هاتف LG G7 سيأتي بشاشة 6.1 بوصة بدقة عالية جداً

هاتف LG G7 سيأتي بشاشة 6.1 بوصة بدقة عالية جداً

Announced LG about some of the advantages that will be available at her phone the next LG G7 in preparation to launch the phone officially in the coming period, which will be larger and the accuracy is much higher.

There will come a LG G7 ThinQ with a screen measuring 6.1 inches IPS LCD, will be the rate of lighting of about 1000 nets or degree, the highest rate of wave screen smart phones until now – note that the Galaxy S 6 has the highest rate of lighting and can exceed 1000 wonder, but in some cases only with the light of the sun.

The company also revealed that the phone will be longer, and the measurement of 19.5:9, that measurements similar to the iPhone x, where to phone her ex came to $ 18:9. The company added that the phone screen will be more visible about 30% of the phone.

According to photos published by the company, the phone will have to bump the top of the screen, but it will be an option for user to hide it as he wants.

Recall that the reports indicated that the phone would be with a processor Snapdragon 845 dual camera, in addition to button Special Assistant to the audio, but the company did not confirm any of these reports until now.

This announcement came as a continuation of the policy of the new company in the disclosure of its phones and similar company oneplus.



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