Phone LG G8 ThinQ supports the highest quality audio with the technique of CSO

The company announced the LG feature Crystal Sound new Made in the idea possible to G8 ThinQ which support the highest quality in technical acoustics from the phone screen OLED.


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The technique of the CSO or the sound of the crystal of screens OLED is the latest technology that this year’s offering from LG in released possible G8 ThinQ, where he is scheduled to work this technique on the production of vibration OLED screens to support the highest quality in audio in the phone.

As technology CSO to produce the acoustics of the screen fully when viewing video content, for example, or listening to voice calls or music, where he supports the technical audio is clear and crisp and of the highest quality, has developed the LG this technical support of the users experience in listening to music or with the games or when follow-up video content.

Also with the use of an external speaker in communication with calling Telephone G8 ThinQ experience with bass great comes through the loudspeakers at the bottom of the phone, as the user can listen to the audio’s stereo through the speaker in the bottom with the audio screen OLED.

Phone G8 ThinQ also comes with DTS:X 3D support surround sound or three-dimensional, with system 7.1 channels with headphones or without headphones too, as the phone comes to the system audio Hi-Fi Quad DAC with MQA support the highest quality in audio production.

In the leaks published so far refer to the phone’s G8 ThinQ features dialogue too skinny person with a camera background dual sensor fingerprint in the background, as the feature phone display OLED size of 6.1 inch with the quality of the QHD display plus accurately 1440 in 3120 pixels.

Phone LG features dimensions 19.5:9 screen, featuring a processor chip Qualcomm 855, with a ram of 6 GB RAM, storage capacity of 128 GB, also the phone supports a battery capacity of 3400 mAh, with Android operating system 9 Pie, and in earlier statements from LG confirmed that the phone G8 ThinQ comes equipped with a three-dimensional in the camera front-end with the system Time-of-Flight.

Recall that LG will hold its next conference on the 24th of February for the official announcement about the phone G8 ThinQ, with a forecast that applies to the phone at a starting price of $ 900, so definitely is one of the versions that will bring attention to them this year.


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