Phone LG G8X ThinQ brings with it front camera with 32MP, and a new version of the LG DualScreen


Within the exhibition IFA 2019 currently held in the capital German Berlin, the LG just slide the curtain officially announced the phone LG G8X ThinQ, a phone that comes mainly to serve as an alternative direct phone LG G8 ThinQ current. To achieve this, there is a new version of the supplement LG DualScreen which allows each conversion LG G8X ThinQ new to the foldable phone thanks to the second screen, which adds them to the phone.

Phone LG G8X ThinQ comes in the simple phone. LG G8 ThinQ current so that got on the screen a little bigger to match the screen of the phone LG V50 ThinQ with a diameter of 4.6 inches. However, it has been reducing the screen resolution to +FullHD + of +QuadHD display. Maybe it comes to marketing this phone in her home country, it will be held in South Korea in the name of LG V50S ThinQ.

The phone still LG G8X ThinQ uses the OLED display, but this time the LG company include sensor fingerprint in the screen. I upgraded the front camera is also 8 megapixels in the LG phone G8 ThinQ current to 32 megapixels in the LG G8X ThinQ new. However, it has been remove the camera Time Of Flight in order to make the upper frame of the phone slim and more.

And when it comes time to face the background, they are protected with a layer of glass, and two cameras accurately 12 megapixels the camera core and accurately 13 megapixels camera wide angle with that camera first the lens on the girl 1.8, while the second camera lens and a girl 2.4 the viewing angle is very wide amounting to 136 degrees.

Regardless of the cameras, the phone LG G8X ThinQ the new features it processor octa-core Snapdragon 855, the و6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal memory expandable via external memory MicroSD, as well as a battery with a capacity of 4000mAh. As you can expect, they are still a company LG is trying to separate headphones 3.5 mm in phone LG G8X ThinQ new with the knowledge that this phone is also designed to resist water, dust, and shock resistance and hiccups to some extent.

Phone LG G8X ThinQ the new comes also preinstalled with system Android 9 Pie with the interface LG UX 9.0, but qualified, of course, to get the updated Android 10 latest Google.

LG Dual Screen


As for the new version of the file the LG Dual Screen, it just lights up the OLED screen for additional size 6.4 inch to phone LG G8X ThinQ, OLED screen other monochrome size 2.1 inch on the opposite side.

Can use DualScreen to view two apps next to each other, and with a large keyboard which facilitates typing on one of them, or to get the pad buttons to play in one of the two screens and enjoy the game itself in the second screen without any hindrance. The best thing about it is that you can leave this accessory at home, when you know you won’t need to.

The supplement doesn’t have any battery of its own, it draws power from the phone by connecting it to a USB Type-C is its own, which leaves the pins for the person with the knowledge that this supplement comes with a built-in Converter or wireless charging as option the following. Supplement adds LG Dual Screen approximately 134 grams to the phone LG G8X ThinQ that actually weighs 192 grams, so you can evaluate your priorities better before you get out of it.

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