Phone Mate 30 may be the first versions of the Huawei chip Kirin 985 accurately manufacture 7 nm

Still Huawei phones possible Mate 30 associated with the advertised within days, attracts the spotlight to it, and in the latest leaks suggested that the phones Mate 30 will be the first versions which include a processor chip Kirin 985 which is based on the accuracy of manufacturing of 7 nm.

Huawei Mate 30 -EUV-7nm-leak

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Days separate us from the launch of the conference of Huawei in Paris to announce a series P30 the new, and in the latest published detail about the specifications of the phones, it was pointed out that the chip Kirin 985 possible core EUV resists precisely the manufacture of 7 nm, is the chip expected to support versions of Huawei this year.

It is expected that chip manufacturing Kirin 985 via TSMC accurately manufacture 7 nm, however, improvements in architecture EUV resists will add a transistor density of over 20%, is also expected to come chip Kirin 985 perform better with support for the provision of energy consumption also, as projections indicate that the 5G technology in the processing unit of the New come in the bar a modem built in advance.

Recall that the chip Apple A12 Bionic was the first chip that was launched accurately manufacture 7 nm in spite of the declaration of Huawei in the beginning of the chip Kirin 980 accurately manufacture 7 nm, each of the two companies on the company TSMC to manufacture these chips.


I know of

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