Phone Mi 8 from Xiaomi will come with Animoji

This theme phone Mi 8 from Xiaomi will come with Animoji appeared on Engadget.

It is unlikely that you know the company Xiaomi on both of her phone’s flagship phone, it is expected possibilities in the event the press is scheduled to take place later this week, while Chief Executive Lei Jun confirmed what we expect to happen over a month ago now saying.

Finally comes the group of phones Mi New after almost two years of the issuance of the second generation, which comes with a price point low with a number of specifications large and found in a number of high-end phones.

In addition also to the bracelet Mi Band 3 which has already been seen on the wrist of CEO Jun during the announcement of the phone is Black Shark a phone dedicated to games, it took this many months for the President of the company testing it personally before giving the green light to launch it.

At the same time also used during his campaign Xiaomi to announce its new phone Mi 8, with a big wave to detect the Possible settings, which are characterized by the phone, which is possible to find the Apple company on it is annoying to him, so that their homes will be used is the other feature Animoji one of the advantages of the new phone iPhone X, through which they will be able to users to create characters animated with their voices. in addition, they reflect the facial expressions.

In addition to that you must keep in mind that the phone Mi 8 New will be the first phone running Android comes with a system of facial recognition is three-dimensional.


This theme phone Mi 8 from Xiaomi will come with Animoji appeared on Engadget.

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