Phone Mi MIX 4 from Shawty gonna get a camera accurately 108MP

هاتف Mi MIX 4 من شاومي سيحصل على كاميرا بدقة 108MPphone Mi MIX 4 from Shawty gonna get a camera accurately 108MP

According to the leaks coming from China, the company Shawty is preparing for a jump in the number of MP camera in the phone its flagship killer Mi Mix 4 which is to be disclosed in the coming weeks.

As is evident in the title of the news the Shaw working on adding a camera to accurately 108MP in her phone next to be the first smart phone offers a camera of this resolution, which is a jump of pressure from the number currently 64MP.

Definitely will Shao on the phone the latest imaging techniques, especially with sensors new which unveiled the Samsung days ago will be their in the production of an image with high quality in all shooting modes where I know Samsung has that sensor will be exclusively for Shaw, at least in the beginning.

That’s not all, because the report mentions also that the phone will be strong advantages, such as full screen and Quick Charger up to 100W and it is natural that the phone uses Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 855 plus of course there will be a version of the phone supports 5G.

The launch date is not yet determined

Does not yet have an official date to launch the phone but if we are going to put a time frame would be during the month of September or October maximum.


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