Phone Moto E5 may include a fingerprint reader on the back of the

May reveal Motorola unveiled a phone Moto E5 during the second quarter of the current year, along with model Moto E5 Plus.

Last year Motorola launched its smart phones Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus, which received positive feedback from during the audits, included the fingerprint reader in the front, similar to what was Galaxy devices to follow him for many years.

However, it seems that Motorola is owned by Lenovo has decided to transfer the fingerprint reader to the background in her phone next Moto E5, although the leaked picture doesn’t illustrate at first glance owning the phone to the reader of the fingerprint, but the audit shows that the company logo is located under the camera works user’s fingerprint.

Unfortunately not available at the current time, more information is available in relation to the specifications of this upcoming smartphone, but it seems that it still uses the microUSB port instead of the USB Type-C is now common, as it includes a rear camera with single LED flash and a front camera with LED flash also, along with the screen they seem to provide a display ratio of 16:9, and the microphone, which was moved to the front.

In the case proved the validity of the leaks, the Moto E5 is not the first phone from Motorola includes a fingerprint reader in the background, having previously to that phone Motorola Atrix, which was launched by the company in 2011, and was the first Android phone in the world contains such a feature.

Is likely to reveal Motorola has unveiled this handset in the third quarter of the current year, the cost may be less than 200 USD, depending on the launch my phone Moto E4 and Moto E4 Plus in the month of June last year.


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