Phone Moto Z4 has the additional advantage of great hidden

Motorola Moto Z4

If you make smartphones, not Apple or Samsung or Huawei, then you really need to every advantage you can get from the market is very crowded. That’s why it’s kind of weird to find that I have a phone Moto Z4 useful feature didn’t really talk about her company Motorola at all.

In fact, it took one of the users on the social network Reddit to find out this feature. Was the Web page of your phone Moto Z4 know in the bottom of the words ” Stylus Compatible with Microsoft active pen protocol “. It seems that this ferry no longer exists, but after a deep search I found some people that means that the stylus Pen is compatible with your phone Moto Z4, and this includes pressure sensitivity and everything else.

According to One users, he explained that he tested the PEN E-Pen with the phone Moto Z4 and found that it works as it should, including pressure sensitive and everything else. However, there seems to be some errors where it seems that the button for the Eraser works as a button to return. However, keeps the entire setup very nice for them on Google Keep.

Smart phones that support the styli are very rare in the market, they are a series phones, Galaxy Note Series is the only one that supports it. Although support Moto Z4 is somewhat more limited, and does not have a slot to include a stylus in when not in use, but this feature is very useful for painters. Especially those who are also using the devices to your Microsoft Surface.


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