Phone Motorola One Action applies formally the design of screen hole and the price of 260 euros

Announced the treatment of a Motorola commercial for their new phone One Action that comes to the design screen hole for the front vehicle, with dimensions of 21: 9 and the price of 260 euros.

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Applies phone One Action have a major advantage with the camera Action in the background, come wide viewing angles 117°, and supports video recording accurately 1080p at 60 frames per second, while the sensor accurately 16 mega pixel camera by merging every 4 pixels into a single point to improve the quality and clarity of images in low light, it also comes camera with electronic stabilization.

Also characterized by the technique of camera phone to record the video horizontally, which supports the user better in particular with the installation of the phone in the unit carry a phone that comes a vertical design often, but this camera will only record video so don’t let static images.

Comes sensor the main camera’s background to support the filming of still images accurately 12 mega pixel camera, also supports 4K video recording at 30 Frame Per Second, also comes sensor the second 5-megapixel support depth photography, it also comes on the back of the sensor fingerprint in the logo of Motorola.

Features phone Motorola One Action screen IPS LCD display size of 6.3 inch and the dimensions of 21:9, also supports a display resolution of 1080 pixels, the screen camera the front in the hole comes equipped with 12 mega pixel camera in the left part of the screen.

Motorola offers the phone One Action design supports the standards of IPX2 only for water and dust resistance, only that the content of the box will be cover to protect the phone, as the phone comes in the program Android One with Android 9.0 Pie.

This version is supported processor chip Exynos 9609 with random memory 4 GB RAM, the storage capacity of 128 GB, also supports external storage via microSD, as can a girl SIM that supports two slides.

Phone One Action comes capacity battery 3500 mAh support USB charging of C, as the phone comes charger 10W, it features separate 3.5 m thickness in the upper part with the amplifier supports Dolby.

It is scheduled to stop the One Action now in the European markets, Brazil and Mexico at a price of 260 euros, to be released in other markets later, as it applies the phone better only colors are white and blue.


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