Phone Nokia 7.2 appears in the picture leaked, it will be three cameras in the cell in the unit of circular shape


Earlier this month, we’ve seen some leaks related to the phone Nokia 7.2 law of company HMD Gloabl Oy, including certification, regulatory, Health, computer phone manufacturers coverings Protective, the results of the phone in performance tests. Comes the latest leak from Joachim Kuss, who is the director of communications in the company of the Zeiss Group, which is considered the partner of Nokia in the field of photography.

Posted to Twitter after the event with the press where they expressed their happiness with the current situation of photography and video on mobile devices. Perhaps out of excitement, wasn’t the story posted a picture Phone Nokia 7.2 in the first place because it was removed since then. As you probably know, nothing disappears once it reaches the internet, this also applies to this case because it enables a person to upload photos and re-posted.

Confirm the validity of the leaks that we have received in the past, they assure us the advent of phone Nokia 7.2 with three cameras in the rear enjoy camera basic accurately 48 megapixels, knowing that he was putting these three in a circular loop is below sensor fingerprint.

Expected to be officially announced phone Nokia 7.2 in IFA 2019 to be held in the first week of September along with the phone Nokia 6.2. In the case if the previous rumors are true, it is assumed that the phone comprises Nokia for 7.2 eight-core processor class Snapdragon 710, and the random size of 6GB. At the same time, it is reported that the phone Nokia 6.2 will feature a screen size of 6.2 inches and accurately +FullHD, battery with a capacity of 3500mAh.


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