Phone Nokia 9.3 PureView with respect to the delay again, according to a new report

Nokia 9 PureView

It seems that every time a rumor of a new around the successor of the phone Nokia 9 PureView, they are often related to the postponement of the arrival of the phone. Rumor new that we got today are no different from those previous rumors, they are other indicate that the company HMD Global Oy decided to postpone the launch of the successor of the phone Nokia 9 PureView to the second half of this year.

We’ve heard many things about the phone Nokia 9.3 PureView new that it was supposed originally to carry the name Nokia 9.1, but hesitated later he would get the name of Nokia 9.2, and now we may see this phone up to the market under the name Nokia 9.3 PureView because the company HMD Global Oy had already change the name of Nokia 5.2 to Nokia 5.3 to maintain the coincidence of names.

The reason for this delay is not surprising, it has the impact of an outbreak of MERS-CoV in the supply chain with HMD Global Oy badly, so the launch was postponed to the second half of this year.

Should be on a new flagship phone to buy HMD Global Oy access in the middle of the second half of this year or in late, and maybe the processor uses a Snapdragon 865 not cause a switch from the Snapdragon 855 in one of the delays of the former.

Despite the name, it was speculated that the phone Nokia 9.3 PureView will use the camera system to the traditional instead of the Light innovative. Moreover, this handset comes also with front camera is hidden the bottom of the screen, but did not validate this information last until now, so please handle them with the least amount of protection.


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