Phone nova 5 records the results of the top chip Kirin 810 chip Snapdragon 730

Revealed new leaks of the Antutu benchmark for the performance of the phone is nova 5 with chip Huawei’s new Kirin 810, where the plan performance of the processor chip Qualcomm expected Snapdragon 730.

Company Huawei has recently announced a series of phones nova 5, where he is scheduled to apply one of the three versions of the power chip processor the company’s new Kirin 810.

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Has revealed the tests carried out on the telephone the nova 5 in the Antutu recently about the performance characteristic of the phone with the chip Kirin 810 skips to the performance of a lot of phones available that include a chip Snapdragon processor 730, where the phone records nova 5 number 237000 in the tests of the performance of any that outperform on-chip Snapdragon 730 by 13%, as providing the chip in the phone improvements in performance by 70% on chip Huawei previous Kirin 710.

The rights of the chip Kirin 810 perform the top of the chip Snapdragon 730 by 25%, while comes to perform the top 3 times more than the chip Huawei expected the former Kirin 710, so we expect the launch of the phone to the market to get clearer on the features provided by the chip Kirin 810 in phone nova 5 this year.


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