Phone Nubia Red Magic 3 will come with a technique for Fast shipping strongly 30W

Nubia Red Magic 2

The back smart phone of the new sub-brand Nubia of ZTE carries the code name NX629J on the location of the executive body of the Chinese 3C. This phone which is said that it will be released to the market under the name of Nubia Red Magic 3 was spotted on the website of the Chinese body 3C with the information that will support technology for fast charging allows to charge the battery of this device at a speed of 30W.

Expected to be a formal unveiling of the phone Nubia Red Magic 3 in the month of April, we have revealed the sub-brand Nubia previously that this phone will come with a battery with a minimum capacity of 5000mAh. To benefit fully from a battery of this size, there must be also a technique called charge it quickly.

I make sure also that the phone Nubia Red Magic 3 will be released with a processor Snapdragon 855, and with 12GB of RAM, and with engine ideas new is called to allocate the reactions finest. Moreover, this phone will come also with the cooling system of a hybrid depends on the liquid and air, there will also be fan only work when you are running games that require a lot of resources.

It is also expected that the phone comprises Nubia Red Magic 3 Screen rate update reaches the 120Hz similar to the screen of the phone Razer Phone. Generally, it should be to show more details about this phone in the coming days.


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