Phone OnePlus 5T gets Android oreo 8.1

Phone OnePlus 5T includes a screen measuring 6.01 inches with a Snapdragon processor 835 eight nuclei battery with a capacity of 3300 mAh.

In the month of November 2017, the company released the oneplus Chinese phone its flagship OnePlus 5T which comes as an update to her phone the previous OnePlus 5, by providing a large screen covering most of the front facade, with 8 GB of RAM, Android 7.1.1 nougat, during the month of December I got the device the first experimental version of the open system, OxygenOS of the Treaty on the Android oreo 8.0.

Despite the recent announcement of the first beta version for developers of Android P, except that the arrival of this new version to any device other than the Google devices it may take several months, so that we can say that the Android version oreo 8.1 is still the latest version of Android for any device not belonging to Google, which prompted oneplus to provided to their own devices, as the company began Chinese in a fourth version of the pilot open system, OxygenOS for users of the OnePlus 5T.

This version brings with it the update to Android oreo 8.1, besides the correction of the Android security system for the month of February, and a few other updates, and comes released after one day on the receiving phone OnePlus 5 on a virtually identical version of the updates through sixth experimental version of the open system, OxygenOS.

As for the other cars, it has become you can answer an incoming call just by picking up your phone, along with more patterns of the previous, with the support to migrate app data backed, allowing you to switch between devices seamlessly, supporting enhanced gestures clearly the full screen which was presented for the first time in late January, and add new improvements to develop games for an immersive gaming experience, including withholding notices energy saving and pausing for Frequent.

This update is available for download via the the middle of size 1.63 GB, and being a trial version is open, it does not exist for all users and often contains errors and problems, and if installed in a manual way then you will join the pilot program, which means you get the updates of the pilot and subsequent releases through the update of the antenna.


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