Phone OnePlus 6 gets first update, and brings with it new features

OnePlus 6 123

Phone OnePlus 6 has been announced by OnePlus last week I got the first update, an update very important, especially if we know that it gives you the option to hide the widget button in the top middle section of the screen, as well as improving the performance of the camera.

Moreover, this new update also brings with it the ability to shoot videos and slow motion 720p speeds of 480 frames per second, and accurately 1080p and speeds of 240 frames per second. Besides, thanks to this new update you get the advantage of Quick Capture on the mode support Portrait Mode, a feature that you open the camera and take the picture when you double click the PLAY button.

After installation, you’ll find that the phone OnePlus 6 He raised the level of security reforms to the month of May, and will install the application OnePlus Switch in advance will receive a Gallery of some new tricks, including further actions for deleted files.

As usual always, this update will take some time before it reaches the phone OnePlus your 6, but if you can’t wait, you can pull over to the source link below and download the file the Romans and install the update manually on the device.



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