Phone OnePlus 6T sensor fingerprint under the screen officially

The second phone to buy a OnePlus this year, which will carry the name of OnePlus 6T will have one more pending. You can Phone the next sensor mark under the screen which is what appears in the screen lock in the lowest to the user touch the screen instead of touching a fingerprint sensor.

This phone will be the first phone equipped with a fingerprint under the screen, where there are a number of phones that have the sensor under the screen already but it’s not the phones that it can achieve huge sales. Company Vivo has a number of phones sensor fingerprint under the screen Vivo V11 وX21 وX20 Plus UD وNEX. Also phone Huawei Mate RS design Porsche phone Oppo Find X within the phones that offer the feature.

The new feature that invites company OnePlus as the Screen Unlock will unlock the screen by touching the screen, which often will at the minimum and speed definitely don’t know it now, and we know it until they catch on the phone.

Came in a statement from the company OnePlus to CNET: “we unlock phones many times a day, this feature allows to facilitate the procedures required for this process. By adding this feature to the features currently to unlock the phone lock like Face Unlock will allow the user to open the phone in the way most suitable for him.”

The company OnePlus intends to provide water in the phone OnePlus 5T except that the technique was not appropriate at this time so or “not mature enough” as description. The allegation facing a fingerprint sensor under the screen in the phone OnePlus 6T for the first time when I was leaked the image for the next phone.

Relies sensor of the fingerprint which is placed under the screen on the touch screen that transmits the fingerprint to the image sensor optical which translates to if it’s true or not through the Processor artificial intelligence.

According to previous reports, fear for OnePlus 6T space in October next we will not wait much until we see the phone. Also reports indicate the advent of the phone has three cameras wallpaper is priced at us $ 550 to Big phones again.

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