Phone OnePlus 7 Pro starts to receive another update, and offers improved camera performance and fixed some errors

OnePlus 7 Pro

After two weeks of receiving the first update, the phone began to OnePlus 7 Pro also now receiving another update that aims basically to improve the camera performance and fixed some problems related to the company. This will update the new version of OxygenOS 9.5.4 in units of the global phone OnePlus 7 Pro, while will release OxygenOS 9.5.5 units in the European, but the update itself comes with the same changes.

As you can expect, this update brings with it some fixes and improvements, but it was also in this update fix the delay in the arrival of voice over Bluetooth while running games, also have been improving the property double click to wake the phone along with the feature of Ambient Display.

With regard to improvements relating to cameras, they will lead to improved image quality while shooting in HDR mode, as well as improving the performance of the camera in environments of low lighting with the knowledge that the company OnePlus claims that it was fixed the white balance and concentration problems reported by some users. Overall, this update is available on a limited scale, but supposed to be up for more of the phone OnePlus 7 Plus in the coming days.


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