Phone OnePlus 7T comes with the shipment is faster by 23% with the charger Warp 30T new

Trying to the company OnePlus always add improvements to its devices with each new version, it has already seen a charger Warp Charge with OnePlus 7 Pro, which tend to perform the fast in shipping. But it seems he wasn’t fast enough for the company, and why has the company confirmed it is working on a faster charger with the phone OnePlus 7T new.

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As mentioned, the charger Warp 30T new features quickly higher by 23% compared to the charger company which support phone OnePlus 7 Pro, as this new technology will be the best performance in shipping on the ground.

It is worth mentioning that there are some sources stating that the company OnePlus will not support a phone for OnePlus 7T new with wireless charging, with the expectations that come wireless charging feature in later versions of the company.


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