Phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren comes with a premium design memory 12 GB RAM price $ 830

The company announced the OnePlus today released the special phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren which applies memory random 12 GB RAM, with a metal design funky bottom layer of glass, and also applies at a price of $ 830.

The design of the phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren

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May appear to the external design of the phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren the same design of the main version of the phone in the first glance, but the design of the phone varies with layer glass with texture mimics tree bark, or fees old tribal, which is designed to mimic the logo Speedtail McLaren with the control panel inside the car.

It also features a phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren with a shiny brass-coloured surround to rear camera, also comes the side of my phone with the same frame finish which reflects light in a distinctive.

The handset also comprises software and Theo McLaren installed on the phone, with a sheet wall of Bethel McLaren, and also the icons and colors inspired by the Theo company, with a pattern of dark and in fact corresponds to the default skin.

Also offering OnePlus this version sensor fingerprint in the screen is characterized by charges moving in a manner characteristic of this version with a touch of orange and green, when you touch the screen.

The content of the phone box OnePlus 7T Pro McLare

To the side of the unit phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren needs a phone box OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren on the USB cable C featured in Orange, with the power adapter to the Warp Charge 30T mark McLaren of commercial fast charging technology, which claims to charge the phone till 70% in just 30 minutes.

It also contains a phone box on the portfolio dedicated to phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren designed carbon fiber at the sides, with a piece of Alcantara the background, as containing the clipboard on the chrome finish adds a shiny appearance.

Design and specifications of the phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren

Offer OnePlus partnership with McLaren this new version is sung with a quick processor chip Snapdragon 855 Plus, with higher RAM up to 12 GB RAM, where trying to this performance quick phone 7T Pro, except that the Ram also supports a quick launch for applications.

The phone also features standards UFS 3.0 in-memory to support faster launch applications, also applies to this version of the sensor main camera background accurately 48 megapixel, sensor with wide viewing angles accurately 16 mega pixel camera, it also comes sensor III accurately 8 mega pixel camera with Lens telephoto, but the camera front-end the design of a pop-up with sensor accurately 16 mega pixel camera.

Features Phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren screen Fluid AMOLED size 6.67 inch, with a refresh rate in the screen 90Hz to support a clear presentation of the highest quality in the screen at the same level as the design of the McLaren Speedtail of the phone, as the phone comprises Android operating system 10 with an interface OxygenOS.

Also includes phone and battery capacity 4080 mAh with fast charging technology of Warp 30T capacity of 65 W, or wireless charging capacity of 27 W, and slips the phone OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren at a price of $ 830, that goes on sale on November 5 on the store and plus on the internet.


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