Phone OnePlus 8 Lite apply next year with a camera wallpaper design rectangle with a hole in the screen

Spotted the latest shopping catalogs three-dimensional that reveal expected design for OnePlus 8 Lite, which offers next year from OnePlus.

Expect delivery of the comic that put three-dimensional perception to design phones OnePlus next OnePlus 8, and OnePlus 8 Pro, and today confirm the latest leaks on the development and spokesman for the issuance of low-cost safety know Phone OnePlus 8 Lite.

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It is provided in accordance with the arrangements of the comic that features the phone OnePlus 8 Lite flat-screen design and curved glass in the background, and a clear framework at the bottom of the screen, i.e. design differs from the phones 7 Pro, and 7 Pro Pro possible network composers.

Also reveal the images button slide for alerts and the power button that comes on the right side of the phone frame, while the control button in the phonics level in the left side of the phone, with USB port C speaker grille audio at the bottom.

From another side comes the camera back in the phone OnePlus 8 Lite design rectangle, also supports the advantage of laser auto focus, and settings camera sensor ToF, also refer to that the phone comes with a camera front in the hole of the screen.

Also expected to apply to the phone the value of 159.2 in 74 at 8.6 mm, so we expect more leaks that disclosed about the phone OnePlus 8 Lite in the coming period.


I know of

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