Phone Pixel 3 XL maybe it will be one of the strangest phones coming

If this rumor’s true New that comes from someone Ukrainian publish videos on YouTube, finally Pixel 3 XL coming soon from Google will be of the strangest phones we’ll see this year will probably phone a frustrating.

Dissemination of the Ukrainian new video allegedly leaking details of the phone Pixel 3 XL and specifications of the phone in detail. According to the video, there will be a flat, very large with a diameter of 6.7 inches contain large incision. In addition to the big screen the phone comes SIM, Snapdragon 845 camera background one accurately 12.2 megapixel memory random refrain 4 GB internal memory 64 GB and a battery with a capacity of 3430 mAh.

In addition to these details bother Video the advent of the phone has three Cameras front accurately 8.1 megapixel for each one, which is one of the details that alone is enough to make the phone possible to describe his antics. With the publication of the video on the telegram, the application talks live encrypted, promised to the person with more details soon.

What raises attention in these details is the number of things one of them big screen too, in addition to company memory random small for a phone that’s great as will be the price of this phone with this specifications, or that the economical phone from Google and not Pixel 3 XL that comes all the benefits the best. Also internal memory with a capacity of 64 GB doesn’t look as good specs for a phone at a great price.

The battery capacity also is one of the details interesting for this Registration the alien’s amplitude less than the card capacity of the previous phone, which was released in October last Pixel 2 XL. Is Google in decline for the capacity of the battery to calculate the design or for any other reason? Doesn’t seem like a good idea in any form.

Apart from all these details are the most exciting if you will is the presence of three Cameras, front camera one background, why can be this? Phones pixels the former did not develop to multiple cameras altogether and one in the back with one front camera and one.

Phones pixel camera was the entrance of Google to the world of hardware since two years after the purchase of the section of manufactures phones of the company HTC, and since then has issued the company two generations of phones in 2016 and in 2017 in the month of October of the two years. What do you think of these specs if the phone pixel camera 3 x L? And did you do it Google? We shared your opinion.

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