Phone prices Huawei P30 Pro falling to record levels after the U.S. ban


After the addition of the United States government company Huawei to its blacklist, which prevents mainly the Chinese company from dealing with American companies, it is safe to say that the decision to put Huawei in a very difficult position. Because a lot of the techniques used by Huawei come from the U.S. companies, such as Google, Intel, Microsoft, etc.

In fact, The prevent Huawei from dealing with American companies, including Google, may leave a lot of people skeptical about the future of the company in the smart phone sector. So much so that it doesn’t seem that a lot of them trust the ability of the company to change things, which led to the collapse of the prices of its phone flagship the latest Huawei P30 Pro.

According to magazine Forbes, it appears that the price of the phone has worn out very badly so that it is based on the value of its website for smartphones in the United Kingdom, the phone Huawei P30 Pro in good condition only costs $ 130 dollars, this means that he has lost about 90 percent of its value. This compared to other smart phones such as the Galaxy S10 which has a value currently about $ 650.

By taking a look at its previous flagship phone of the company, and, of course, the phone Huawei P20 Pro, it seems that its price has dropped to about 63 USD unlike phone +Galaxy S9 which still sits about 300 USD. It remains to be seen whether Huawei will be able to change the situation or not, but in the meantime, it may be best in the moment to enjoy your phone instead of trading it.

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