Phone Realme 3 to be announced officially in the conference to be held on March 4,

Use company Realme subsidiary of Oppo to launch a phone Realme 3 during a conference to be held on March 4, this year after the launch of my phone Realme 1 and Realme 2.

The company has published a teaser hinting to launch the phone officially through the “cosmic event”, where the back of the sticker on the formal background of the helical starry, this undoubtedly alludes to the advent of the phone with such a design.

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What proves it is that he was leaked a blurred image of the situation against the background of the phone, which hardly shows us the background of the cell.

Likely to up phone Realme 3 chip MediaTek Helio P70 with a camera with a 48 MP, also pointed out rumors that its price will remain around $ 140.


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