Phone Realme 3 will be released officially in first week of March next


Announced sub-brand Realme of buy Twitter they will hold a new event on the fourth day of March next. This is the event where the company will remove the curtain officially about the phone Realme 3 note that the company will broadcast the event online so everyone can watch it.

Teaser hints that the phone Realme 3 coming style sparkling. In the beginning, you may think that the phone will come with the diamond pattern in the backend, but according to the picture that was leaked and listed below, it seems that the phone Realme 3 will be the pattern of stars similar to the color of the Starry Black in many phones Vivo.

And just yesterday, assured the CEO of the company that the phone Realme 3 will processor MediaTek Helio P70. Thus, this makes the phone Realme 3 is the second smartphone from the company Realme featuring the processor of the company MediaTek after the phone Realme U1. According to the Press that the CEO Realme post them on Twitter, they are saying that the processor MediaTek Helio P70 would be more efficient in energy consumption by 40% while running games, and faster by 30% during the conversion, best data processing by 3%, and more stable in terms of performance in complex tasks, at least compared to the processor Snapdragon 660.

Was the price of the phone Realme 1 and Realme 2 is about 140 $ when it was launch in the beginning, from the point of view, we believe that it will be launching the phone Realme 3 for the same price or at a price roughly comparable.


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