Phone Realme 3i will be released in the next week, and here’s his design and some specs

Realme 3i

Expected to be a formal unveiling of the phone Realme 3i, which was a thrill for coming in earlier this week on Monday the next, corresponding to July 15, the same day the will sub-brand Realme subsidiary of Oppo to launch a phone Realme X in India. Having said that, it has assured us a Chinese brand now that it will actually detects the phone Realme 3i in the next Monday as revealed to us also about the design and some specifications of this device.

Phone Realme 3i will be similar to the phone Realme the current 3, but it will get the interface background pattern of diamonds. Judging from the photo we obtained, it seems that it will be available with at least two, namely blue, red and flowing. This phone looks similar to the phone Realme 3 Diamond Red Edition was leaked last month, so there may be mixing between the two phones homologues or to both carry on this pattern.

Regardless of the design, it revealed to us a brand Realme as well that the phone Realme 3i will put two cameras in the backend, battery with a capacity of 4230mAh, and a processor eight-core of the category of the MediaTek Helio P60. In the case if the information that has been monitored previously in the platform performance tests Geekbench is correct, it seems that this phone will also have 4GB of RAM.

Generally, we hope to show more information about phone Realme 3i in the next few days before the date of the official announcement of the device.


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