Phone RED Hydrogen One may be issued on the ninth day of October next


We talked on the phone RED Hydrogen One since 2017 when the company RED slide curtain officially. Now, after more than a year on it, it looks like we’re getting close to the Launch Date of this device. According to an article posted on the social network Reddit recently, it seems that the disclosure of the date of the initial launch of the phone RED Hydrogen One.

According to the publication, this depends on the electronic message was sent by the company RED the writer. According to this email, she suggested the ninth of the month of next October as a launch phone RED Hydrogen One officially for the customers who request it in advance. It is expected that shipment of the black version made from aluminum first, followed by the version made of titanium.

As for everyone, the launch of the phone RED Hydrogen One by the companies of Communications of America AT&T and Verizon on the second day of the month of November, after almost a month of shipping pre-orders. But for those who are planning to buy it through telecommunications companies, the black version made of aluminum are the only ones that will be available for purchase. For women, made of titanium, they won’t be available for purchase until 2019, and even then it will be available in limited quantities.

The letter says e-also that the cause of the delay of the phone is to re-initialize one of the components as one of the reasons that led to the delayed launch of the device. Include electronic message further indicates that these dates are still subject to change if something came up at the last moment, but assuming that it did not happen anything, then I should have the things as specified above.



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