Phone Redmi Note 8 Pro shows up in leaks photographer new

Spotted leaks photographer new phone Redmi perspective Note 8 Pro, which was leaked from a TV commercial being filmed to promote the phone.

Reveal leaked images of the new phone design Note 8 Pro from the back, where it comes in the same design language that started it all from my phone Redmi K20 and K20 Pro.

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Come camera the main design my head the background, it also has a phone settings in the camera background, it also has a sensor footprint in the background, so will not be offering the Redmi feature Sensor footprint in screen for Note 8 Pro, which comes from the middle class.

Also shows the logo of the Redmi in the back of the same design that appeared in the series phones K20, while this version shows a green but to a different degree to what made Redmi phones K20.

Recall that the Redmi has previously confirmed that the series Note the next will focus on improving the camera and adding improvements in battery life, with the increase of the dimensions of the screen to the frame of the phone, is expected to come one sensor of the Note 8 Pro strictly 64 mega pixel camera.


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