Phone rollaway Galaxy Fold almost ready to make his way to the market


The process of re-design of the phone rollaway Galaxy Fold is about to expire, which means that we’ll see this phone in stores soon. However, Samsung is committed to yet disclose launch date of the new phone, its folding.

The police denied the rumors that talk about the launch of the Galaxy Fold in the month of July next, so this leads us to believe that he will be launching this smartphone most likely at the same time which will launch the Galaxy Note 10 in the month of August next. Said Kim Seong-cheol, deputy head of the department monitors at Samsung : ” we have been overcome most of the problems screen, phone Galaxy Fold ready to reach the market, “ he added : ” When is the launch of the Galaxy Fold, it gets a lot of attention in the market. “

However, we are still waiting for Samsung to fulfil its promise by announcing the launch date of the new phone soon with the knowledge that it’s been three weeks already on it. It was originally planned to launch the Galaxy Fold along with the series phones Galaxy S10 Series, but after the emergence of some problems in the initial units that were sent to reviewers, has decided the South Korean company to cancel the launch indefinitely until you fix all detected problems.

Therefore, the probability of the launch of the Galaxy Fold still exists, but only in case if Samsung fixes the problems the few remaining relating to the joints and folding.


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