Phone Samsung Galaxy M20 up to Europe, will your 229€

Galaxy M10 - Galaxy M20

Samsung announced the phone Galaxy M20 in the month of January, we have seen this phone up to a range of markets in Asia, including India, Indonesia and the Philippines. Now, it’s time for this phone to make his way further into Europe also, the first countries will get this phone in Europe are Italy and Spain.

In both countries, you will have to pay 229 euros to get the open version of this phone from the Amazon store. And as you can expect, the phone Galaxy M20 will cost more money in Europe compared to other countries where the launch of this phone, and that’s what even in recent years. For European countries, they are you’ll only get the advanced version of the Galaxy M20, which include 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory.

Now not reached all of Italy and Spain, expect to see the Galaxy M20 is available for purchase in other countries all over the Old Continent very soon, probably at a similar price.


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