Phone screen +Galaxy Note 10 get ratings A +from the team of DisplayMate

Galaxy Note 10

Shattered Galaxy S10 many of the numbers relating to the tests in DisplayMate, but the Galaxy Note 10 Series New broke 12 a record relating to companies with many improvements on the level of performance and quality.

Scooped up your phone screen +Galaxy Note 10 new record on the level of color accuracy, contrast, and accuracy of the densitometer. Make sure Automatic management of colour use the right color scheme while viewing content, so no need to worry about the screen modes that should be used. If you want to specify the mode manually, the DCI-P3 Natural allows you to get the colors absolute 0.4 JNCD. Screen is a +, the Galaxy Note 10 from the early screens of smart phones that cover the gamut DCI-P3 100 percent thanks to the so-called ” Deep Red OLED “. SRGB Natural Mode leads also to check the color accuracy of the absolute JNCD 0.4, and uses this situation is common for photos and videos from cameras, televisions, and other content.

Phone screen +Galaxy Note 10 are brighter than ever also. With the operation mode Hight-Brightness Mode, the up brightness of the screen to 778 lumens with the screen completely white, which makes them change on the screen of the phone Galaxy Note 9 by 10 percent. In view of the brightness peak, at 1308 candle, is a new record.

Viewing angles are not quite perfect. The amount of color turned white at an angle of 30 ° is 2.8 JNCD, which is a number small enough that you won’t notice it probably, but you have to take into consideration that the Galaxy S10 record 0.7 JNCD in this scale. Lose both screens, slightly less than 25% of its brightness when viewed at an angle of 30 degrees. Generally, you can check out more details about the phone screen +Galaxy Note 10 as well as new records that claimed by the official website for lab DisplayMate from this link HERE.

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