Phone Shawty Mi 8 is available now globally without a formal declaration!

Launched Shawty her phone flagship 2018 Shawty Mi 8 officially late last month, where China became the first market is asking flagship device for sale.

Although Shao, identify the markets that will allow its phone flagship, but she didn’t know exactly when it will be facing the phone physically in those markets, only to Shao Mi 8 is available now in Europe and some states without a formal declaration from the company!

شاومي Mi 8

Turns out in the middle of the users official online the Chinese company that the new phone is available for outside of China in many other countries globally including Russia and France.

But after a quick look at the stores Shawty on the internet in Russia and France, we didn’t find any trace of the device, which indicates that either available through local retailers or through channels not connected to the internet.

This is expected to continue to the new phone through official channels in all countries supporting the purchase of Shawnee and Arab markets soon.

To find out more details about the flagship phone Shawty Mi 8 from the link Shawty Mi 8 flagship in three different versions – specifications in detail!

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