Phone Shawty Pocohpone F1 starts to get interface MIUI 11

Launched Shawty the trial version of the interface MIUI 11 phone upon F1 at Day 19 last October with a promise to deliver a stable version of the interface in two weeks, it seems that the company has fulfilled its promise.

Phone started Shawty Pocophone F1 today in receipt of a stable version of MIUI 11 and gradually Of course, as to the women that will get the phone number it will start Access first, those who did participate in the beta version of the former, and then will be available to everyone.

On the other hand had launched this update a name “Beta Stable”, i.e. the trial version to the stable which opens the door to other in case of emergence of errors or significant problems in the system.

The new update has a distance of 1.8 GB as it carries with it a patch protection for the month of October also and you can wait until you update and load it normally or download it here from the website of Shawnee, we recommend the first option!

Do you have a phone upon it? We participated in the comments..

Source: GSMArena

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