Phone steel V from Samsung will be present at the June 2019

Next year is the year of the revolution, of the transition networks of the fifth generation as described by many and the attention of mobile operators and phone manufacturers to win before the launch of the service encounter and effectively between themselves, and in this context announced that communications company of America Verizon and Samsung plan to launch the phone of the fifth generation to work on-board Network June next; without talking about details about the upcoming phone, which talked about a special report from the site Bloomberg that it would be the Samsung Galaxy S10.

The vision is greater after several days at the conference Qualcomm to deliver Snapdragon held in Hawaii; where you will get him both of these and a number of other guests will be in the folds of the further information on similar experience of the professional services of the fifth generation certainly across a version for the 5G working with Qualcomm X50 5G, and can not ignore the fact that Samsung itself is working on the development of the modem its own networks of the fifth generation, called the Exynos 5100 is supposed to use it in phones Galaxy S10 according to an earlier report.

It is noteworthy that a number of telecom companies South Korea has broadcast live experiences the services of the Fifth Army last week using a model of Samsung do tasks, be it displaying Qualcomm’s associated with is the third company in a period of no more peso two weeks.

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