Phone Surface from Microsoft is still alive


Since a long time and we hear about Microsoft’s intention to launch phone Surface Phone to be the flagship phone in the market after it failed to achieve the desired results with the treatment of Nokia’s business, and since we didn’t see or hear anything about this phone, prompting a fan of the company to believe that the project has been cancelled.

Well, according to a new report from Thurrott close Microsoft the project Surface Phone has not been canceled at all, but it was postponed within the company until it reaches the stage of satisfaction required. Microsoft see that the sign Surface brand is the most important relationship it has on the level of high-end devices, and don’t want the adventure to below the level of expectations affect the brand’s reputation or its sales.

Microsoft is working to improve and refine the operating system of your phone, as waiting for the development of gear and abilities in line with the ambitions that the company owns the device. Microsoft didn’t cancel the project but it doesn’t have to pay in the markets only when the standards of Microsoft and the Surface brand.

Anyway, it is clear that the phone will not believe in the market any time soon.

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