Phone the Google Pixel 3a is much stronger than suggested by its price, and tests prove it

Google Pixel 3a XL --

Latest phone meet the tests of the cross conducted by Zack Nelson of channel JerryRigEverything for smartphones is phone the Google Pixel 3a, has been successful this phone already pass the tests without having to learn.

Energy glass protective Dragon Trail used to protect the phone screen the Google Pixel 3a of the scratches provided similar performance to the nature of the Gorilla Glass, it is the other scratch. in the seventh level of the scale of Mohs. Survived phone also in the test curve, although it has to be some bend. In order not to spoil your viewing pleasure, we suggest you watch the video below to see how was the performance of the phone the Google Pixel 3a in Tests of durability other :

Designed phone the Google Pixel 3a to bring a wonderful operating system from Google Inc. and all its magnificent to a larger number of users with the knowledge that the price of this phone starts from $ 399 USD only. This special price if you don’t trust in Chinese smartphones such as Realme and Redmi and Honor and to that of of the other Chinese phones. However, it remains to be seen whether Google will succeed in convincing the consumers to buy the phone the Google Pixel 3a or Google Pixel 3a XL instead of phones businesses competition.

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