Phone the Google Pixel 4 shown in the picture new computer, screen protectors confirm the design


We got in the last period on a set of leaked images that reflect to us how it will look like the design of the two phones the Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL coming from Google. And now, here we are with pictures new computer from the experiences of the famous French OnLeaks won’t be how it will look like the design of the phone the Google Pixel 4 small size from all angles.

And as you can see in the images below, these images reveal to us that the flagship phone the next Google won’t guarantee a cut or a hole in the screen for the front camera, but it will frame outstanding enough to put the front camera earpiece and the rest of the sensors and other necessary.

In addition to everything we have said up to now, these new images reveal to us as well to phone the Google Pixel 4 doesn’t have dual speakers in front-end similar to the previous generations, but will the speakers of these in the bottom of the phone next to my USB Type-C. Given that the photo published by Google earlier photos which have been posted by now by Onleaks do not use the US sensor fingerprint in the backend, there is no doubt that the phone the Google Pixel 4 will put this sensor in the screen like many smart phones available in the market today.

Phone the Google Pixel 4 XL will feature a screen size of 6.25 inches, while Will phone the Google Pixel 4 the normal screen size between 5.6 inches and 5.8 inches. Regardless of the size of the screen, it seems that the phone the Google Pixel 4 XL will model the dimensions of $ 160.4 × 75.2 × 8.2 mm, while Will device phone the Google Pixel 4 dimensions of 147.0 × 68.9 × 8.2 mm.

And for images, computer published by the OnLeaks, it has made the boat famous Chinese Ice Universe Today also posted a photo realistic won’t be protective for the company designed specifically for Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL, which includes pieces for the front camera of the dual and cut the extra for the sensor to face recognition developed with the knowledge that there is also a cut for the ear in the middle, and cut the broad and vague in the top right corner.

This piece of the petition may be for a Technical Project Soli that frequency in the past and she will make her way to the phone Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL. In case you haven’t heard about this technology before, it is technology that allows users to interact with their mobile devices through gestures in the air thanks to the antennas of the radar built into the device which read the hand movements. At that time, revealed to US company Google it is working to embed this technology in a smart watch speaker smart sound, but it seems that they plan on most likely to bring them into its smart phones also.


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