Phone use while driving is still a serious problem, how do we change it?

A lot of people have a strange behavior with themselves, the actions leading to the loss of that hard-earned in the hands of the owners. We don’t know is these perceptions of human nature, or that these people don’t care about their safety and the safety of those around them. You see people smoke profusely, and others are addicted to drugs, others are addicted to skiing, Add to that the use of phones while driving. There is no denying that these things caused and still cause in claimed millions of lives around the world. For example, the use of phone while driving, we know for sure that this is something deadly and stupid and deny it, however I don’t follow the safety rules and do safety and ourselves display wall.

استخدام الهاتف أثناء القيادة لا يزال مشكلة خطيرة، كيف نتغلب عليها؟

Showed an opinion poll conducted by the automobile Association Australian in 2000, his results were that the reason behind the increase in the number of deaths on the roads is to use the phone while driving. This was in 2000, let alone now with the presence of smart phones and social networking sites different. Studies have shown that approximately 79% do not adhere to laws preventing mobile phone use while driving, but it’s not limited to calls only but extended to the use of the internet and networking sites. While the lack of commitment in the second place by 68%, and solve the second addiction of alcohol and drugs by 67%.

How dangerous is using your phone while driving?

It’s not obvious to everyone, there is a difference between attentive to the road and shared the thought, know that distracting attention for only two seconds and your eyes off the road to pick up the phone and the caller makes it dangerous. If your vehicle speed is 60 km/h they are going at a speed of 16 meters per second, so enough time not to see the sights or motorcycle for example, if you were being infected and the risk of death is estimated at approximately 90%. Research suggests that transfer to one of the sites to access any items in the car while driving increases the risk of accidents. In the United States, the capacity of the National administration of safety on the highway that nearly 3500 people die in accidents horrible and that to use the drivers for their phones while driving.

According to a study conducted by akshay Vijay “Senior Researcher at the University of South Australia”, he says that his research shows that using a phone while driving increases the risk of accidents by up to 400%, with the confrontation of the drivers turned out to be one of the two uses his phone while driving. And concluded that persons aged between 30 to 39 years are more groups used the phone.

But as is well known, that most of the Polls not to be honest by the great, where many have the word freeze. That is why the US resorted to the use of Zendrive , which would use sensors in phones and through a special application on your phone, does the driving focus while on the road, and the driver and discover the designs based on data and measurements of a wide range of safety factors such as speed, brake, use the phone, length of time driving, and many others. Then converts the data and send it to the form of alerts or emails based on what his specialty in the prep Zendrive. Based on the analyses of the Zendrive shows that 88% use their phones while driving.

Prevention is better than cure

Feature do not disturb while driving

Certainly none of us can resist using the phone while driving only a few. But studies have shown that it uses the property do not disturb while driving provided by Apple in system 11 iOS, be away from such risks. According to the data and analysis EverQuote more than 70% of the users of the iPhone, using this property, and thus they are less vulnerable to those risks.

To operate this feature, go to”settings” > “do not disturb” > scroll down to the bottom in the section do not disturb while driving press the “Activate” and select the mode “automatically” or “when to call the Bluetooth the car” will run the property automatically as soon as the car ride without your intervention.

Off of the “Control Center”

You can let run the feature “do not disturb while driving” automatically, or you can add them to the “Control Center” to access it manually easily:

Go to “Settings” > “Control Center” > “customize controls”.

Click on the plus sign (+) next to the feature “do not disturb while driving”.

You can now drag your finger from the bottom of the screen and clicking on the icon do not disturb while driving to operate the property or off.

What happens during activation

Keep the iPhone still shows the screen supported. If someone sends you a message, you’ll receive a response automatically telling him you’re busy driving. If the message is important, you can write the sender of the word “urgent” to make sure you will receive a notification. After that, you can stop the car on the side of the road to read important message or prompt Siri to read it to you.

Says iPhone connect some notifications, such as alerts and emergency limits, and alarms.

Is connected to the telephone calls using the same terms as the feature “do not disturb” Standard: you can allow calls from your favorite people only, and let the arrival of calls, if you call the same person twice in a row. If you have connected an iPhone the car via Bluetooth, you place the information in the usual way, and you can use the buttons and the microphones and your headphones drive to receive calls.

In the case of using the mapping application to, face the iPhone display to help navigation through the lock screen and provide instructions directions step by step to you.

If you’re a passenger and the use of the iPhone during activation, you must click on the “I don’t drive” to turn them off.

Tip: in the Android has been launched this feature “do not disturb while driving” on my phone, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL . Using this feature, working to reduce the potential risks by a considerable amount.

We have left to tell us about your mind about who uses the phone while driving? And proposed solutions to reduce this phenomenon? Tell us in the comments.


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