Phone Vivo NEX 3 achieves New Record and the list of AnTuTu fastest smartphone ever

Vivo Nex 3

Two days ago, the company Vivo to remove the curtain officially for the phone Vivo NEX 3, although the screen of this phone is likely will receive the most attention thanks to her downfall crazy so to speak at the sides, it is also a monster when it comes to performance. This is because of the processor +Snapdragon 855 user in this phone. However, we certainly believe that the company Vivo used some secret sauce, maybe this secret sauce is the cooling system helps to cool the processor efficiently.

We say this because when I tested the phone on the platform performance tests AnTuTu, achieved this phone is the best result ever, it miss a little bit on the phone to Asus ROG Phone II as you can see in the chart below. Specifically, it has been in this test to use the version with 8GB of RAM from the phone Vivo NEX 3 5G.


This number is enormous and the only hope possible for a company Vivo is not to skip the phone barrier of 500 thousand points because it doesn’t have a lot. However, it is not likely to wait for a long time before we see the first smart phone skips the barrier of 500 thousand points on the platform performance tests AnTuTu. In the meantime, if you are wondering about the Vivo NEX 3, it is equal to the new list of the fastest smart phones on the platform AnTuTu.

The only discrepancy here is that the index numbers don’t tell the whole story for any smartphone, so don’t put too much trust in those numbers. Instead, take a look at some of the reviews of the phone, it will help you to get the impression better about it. While waiting for it, don’t forget to take a look at this article detailed here about phone Vivo NEX 3.

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