Phone Vivo NEX 3 leaders of the company Vivo will 5G

Vivo NEX

Can’t product manager in the company of Vivo, Mr. Li Xiang, to stop the suspense of the phone next flagship of the company which is supposed to protect the name of Vivo NEX 3. We confirmed already that this phone will retain the port headphones 3.5 mm. It was bold and also enough to share some sketches for the design of the phone.

As for this day, he has decided to Mr. Li Xiang to know us a picture to explain the situation of your phone Vivo NEX 3, which is the image that is sufficient to assure us that the flagship phone next buy Vivo will pay the 5G, it shows us the icon 5G in the upper left corner in the top right corner. Again, it is likely that this handset comes as well with the processor +Snapdragon 855, and thus it is natural that supports 5G.


The date of the official declaration started approaching and we can’t wait to see what will bring the phone Vivo NEX 3 us.


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