Phone Vivo V17 Pro the first phone to launch camera, dual front airbags, pop-up

هاتف فيفو V17 Pro أول هاتف على الإطلاق بكاميرا أمامية مزدوجة منبثقة

The company launched the Vivo phone by V17 Pro in the footsteps of similar fun of her ex in terms of front camera pop-up; but this time the front camera popup dual camera quad.

Camera phone

And where come the front camera of the pledge with the first two Strictly 32-megapixel and the second wide lens with 108 degree of accuracy 8-megapixel, be it vivo V17 Pro the first phone at all. has front camera popup double.

The rear camera is a quad lens the main Strictly 48 mega pixels and the second magnifying glass with 13 mega pixel capacity of the optical zoom to the weak two-and 10-fold zoom electronic is able to take a picture of micro-ingredients for after 2,5 cm only, whereas the second is a wide lens accurately 8 mega pixel and the fourth 2 Porter accurately 2 mega pixels.

Specifications internal

The camera feature a pop up phone support full-screen free from extrusion to cover the majority of the facade, where the measured 6.4 inches and is of type Super AMOLED accurately+ FHD and a fingerprint sensor built-in.

In working Vivo V17 Pro processor Snapdragon 675 which May is kind of weird that the police did not provide his processor snap Dargah last despite the high-end specs that it offers, so that his memory random 8 GB space of internal storage of 128 GB.

The large battery capacity of 4100 mAh amp supports fast charging capacity 18 watts; as usual with the phones, the Vivo then V17 Pro is equipped with artificial intelligence to maintain the battery performance and high in weight with this battery is the large 201 grams.

And on the side of the software the company offers a feature to change the images automatically to the user during the play in order to maintain the privacy of the largest players.

Price awareness in the market

The phone is now available in the Indian market at a price relatively high for the target groups and options available from competitors in the market is teeming with a variety of smart and affordable as a phone Shawty k20 for example, with its price is $ 425 almost a matter of course an excellent price compatible with the specifications provided by the where it is the closest thing for a pilot of average.


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